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Fattorie Umbre
Quality of tradition

Fattorie Umbre has evolved from the experience of family traditions producing extra virgin olive oil with the desire to look further afield. Our inspiration comes from the recipes and secrets of home cooking of the surrounding hills.
This the origin of first sauces made from the finest tomatoes selected from the local farmers.
That was at the beginning…
Now, after over 28 years on, the business has successfully expanded its horizons discovering new tastes and recipes and increasing its market-base both Nationally and Internationally.
Fattorie Umbrie is currently at the forefront in the production of its own vast assortment of local products ranging from creams and pasta condiments characteristic of the Italian Cuisine to red tomato sauces. Fattorie Umbre is also a valuable partner to many important National and International Companies in developing products for their own
private label. Fattorie Umbre has great confidence in its advanced and up to date production system, and its trustworthy, motivated work team who together have grown from stable foundations to reach the high levels reflected by the accredited ISO 9001:2008, IFS and BRC quality standards. Our Quality system also includes an X-Rays inspection during the production process.
Fundamental to our culinary philosophy is the care given in selecting raw materials, special attention is given to vegetables, herbs and spices rigorously chosen for their natural freshness.
The same consideration is given to the preservation of the products; no colourings or chemical preservatives are used.
We would have great pleasure in welcoming you to our factory to sample our products and meet our team of passionate creators.

A cleaner energy powering our output

Fattorie Umbre has chosen to pursue the path of renewable energy in order to support and strengthen its production.
As of the beginning of 2009 it has installed a power plant covering the entire available surface above the production system.
This will enable us to be almost self sufficient energywise during the summer months with highest radiation and during the regular times of closure of the plant we will be feeding clean energy back into the national grid.


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