Organic Production

The Organic Products from Fattorie Umbre stand out for their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices that respect the environment. Consuming organic products not only represents a commitment to sustainability but also provides tangible support for more responsible agricultural choices. These products contribute to limiting the exploitation of the environment and natural resources while simultaneously promoting biodiversity preservation. Furthermore, we ensure that we use only certified organic raw materials that comply with the strictest regulations, and our supply chain undergoes rigorous control and certification by external organizations.


Recycling packaging

The materials used for the packaging of our products are designed to facilitate proper disposal through recycling. These materials include glass jars and tinplate capsules. Within our production facility, we employ a daily recycling process for paper, glass, plastic, and wood.

Furthermore, we are actively pursuing policies to reduce plastic usage, with the aim of increasingly promoting the use of recycled cardboard packaging. In the course of 2020, we will implement this initiative with the introduction of new and modern packaging facilities.


Renewable energies

Fattorie Umbre has chosen to embrace renewable energy to enhance its production. As early as the first months of 2009, we installed a photovoltaic system that covers the entire area above our production facility.

During the summer months when solar irradiance is at its peak, this system allows us to become virtually self-sufficient in terms of energy. Furthermore, throughout the year, when our facilities are inactive, we contribute to the injection of clean energy into the national electrical grid.