Fattorie Umbre has always been focusing on Quality so to realize genuine and healty products with an excellent organoleptic and chemical-pysical characteristics.

The Quality Path, that covers all of Our Products, start with a careful selection of highly qualified Suppliers then continues in Our Company through our Quality Control Laboratory

Mantaining such a high quality means always to keep up with the newsest machineries and innovations.

The quality is also granted by the following certification: IFS (International Food Standard), BRC (British Retail Consortium), Organic Certification Bioagricert which enables us to produce organic foods.


International Food Standard


British Retail Consortium


Organic Certification

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The key activities of the Quality Control is organized daily through the following activities:

  • Monitoring activities for compliance with Product Specifications and Operating Procedures during the preparation phases.
  • Applying the HACCP System.
  • Critical Points Management:
    • Allergens management.
    • Gluten Free.
    • NO GMO Guarantee.
    • Preventing the risk of foreign objects in processed products, using the latest generation x-Ray machines.
    • Constant monitoring of the thermal treatment of the products in order to guarantee the safety of the final Consumer and the respect of the desired organoleptic characteristics.


The daily activity of the Quality Control Laboratory puts in place a continuous series of controls at 360 degrees. From the preliminary steps of preparation of the recipe, up to the shipment of the finished Product to the Customer.

During Production:

  • Analysis of raw materials stored in the warehouse, also using external accredited analysis laboratories, and checking of primary packaging on arrival at Fattorie Umbre.
  • Ensuring that the procedures required for each Recipe are completely satisfied.
  • Control of the correct operation of detectors on the line of production for a total control (x-ray analysis, weight control).
  • Final Control of the Product after the thermal process.
  • Control of the labelling and packaging process in according to the individual guidelines for each formulation (requested by Customer).
  • Incubation control to check the stability of the product.

Additional analysis and tests:

  • Periodic inspection of the shel-life of the products preserved in the Quality Manager Archives.
  • Organoleptic analyzes and dedicated panel tests.
  • Nutritional Analysis.
  • Continuous updates of the labels to the new standards required by Law.
  • Monitoring of chemical contaminants, pesticides and microbiological parameters, also utilizing the collaboration of external accredited Analysis Laboratories.