Ricetta avocado carciofi e tonno

Avocado with artichokes cream and tuna

Ingredients (for an avocado):

an avocado
50gr of tuna
80gr of Artichokes pate
extra virgin olive oil



How to make it:

first, peel the avocado and cut it in half into two equal parts.
mix the tuna with the Fattorie Umbre artichoke patè and extra virgin olive oil;
blend everything until obtaining a homogeneous and creamy mixture;
pour the mixture into a pastry bag and distribute it on each half.
finish by decorating with a slice of lemon and parsley

2 thoughts on “Avocado with artichokes cream and tuna

  1. Edo01 says:

    Ricetta strepitosa, preparata per un aperitivo tra amici e ho avuto un successone! Consigliatissima!!

    1. Grazie Edo01, ci fa molto piacere!

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