First courses

Spaghetti with green olives and almond patè , cream cheese and chopped almonds


400g of Spaghetti
160g of creamy Cheese
100g of Green Olives and Almonds patè by “Fattorie Umbre”
Chopped Almond as needed
Salt as needed
Pepper as needed.


Put the water in a pot and boil it. When it has reached a boil, add salt to water and pour the spaghetti. Meanwhile, put the pâté in a pan together with the fresh cheese; Add a few tablespoons of cooking water and mix at low heat. Add the pepper and salt if needed; Stir and leave to stand out for a few minutes.
Once “al dente” pour the pasta into the pan and sauté with the dressing. Serve and add a little bit of almond on each portion.

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