First courses

Lentils Cream, Crisped Chickpeas, Mint and Shrimp.


200 gr of lentils by “Fattorie Umbre”

Fresh Tomatoes (2)





Vegetable broth

Extra virgin olive oil

Prawns (2)

How to make it:

Stew the “soffritto (celery, carrot and onion in extra virgin olive oil) add the well-washed lentils and sprinkle with vegetable broth, pouring little by little until cooked.

Add the diced tomato, salt and mix everything toghter.

Spread the chickpeas on a baking tray with parchment paper and a drizzle of oil, bake at 180 ° until golden brown to obtain the crunchiness of the legume.

Clean the prawn leaving only the tail, deprive it of the intestine, flour it and insert it on a long toothpick and fry it in sunflower oil (or grill it).

On a serving plate, adapt the lentil cream, toasted chickpeas and garnish with mint leaves and the toothpick with the shrimp.

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