Caprese Salad with Genovese Pesto


300 gr of Mozzarella
200 gr of fresh Tomatoes
20 gr of Extra Virgin Olive oil
Genovese pesto by “Fattorie Umbre” (as needed.)
Fresh basil for decoration
To make the salad even more delicious you can add:
Black Olive (20/30 gr)
Green Olive (20/30gr)
Capers (20/30 gr)
Toasted bread


Wash the tomato, cut it into slices and place it in a dish; Then cut the mozzarella and add it to the tomato. Then add a few teaspoons of pesto. Season it with extra virgin olive oil and decorate with fresh basil leaves. Apart, toast some slices of homemade bread. Add black olives, green olives or capers following your needs.

You can use:

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